A Voice from Her Past - Book II - Signed copy

When you look for ghosts, you're sure to find them!

Can a family curse reach across time? When Aggie and Henri come in contact with a haunted radio, they hear Kathleen's pitiful pleas, but can they help her? The ghostly woman's weeping puts Aggie back to work using her paranormal gifts…can the rookie psychic make the spiritual connection? Will she be able to help the spirit make peace with her past? Is Henri prepared to face his own history?

Henri discovers he has a unique connection to the forgotten family line and takes on the responsibility of bringing peace to restless souls. Will he be able to keep his family safe while paying homage to a forgotten hero?

The paranormal stakes are high in Book Two of Devecheaux Antiques
What readers are saying about this series:

"Definitely held my interest throughout the book. I loved the characters and truly hope this will become a series of books. There are more options for scary stories within! Reminds me of the tv series Friday the 13th with the older man and guy and girl who collected haunted objects."

"This book is by far one of my favorites. I can say that I have had such an amazing day reading this book. I can't wait till the next one is ready. Prepare to tune out the world and be engulfed in this story."

"I can't wait to see where this series goes and I was actually surprised and disappointed when I saw the word epilogue! I always hate the end of M. l. 's books and A E. has a similar writing style so it flowed together and I loved getting to know Aggie! I can't wait for the next book where hopefully we'll learn more about her personality and life."

A Voice from Her Past - Book II - Signed copy

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