A Watch of Weeping Angels - Book III - Signed Copy

The South's spookiest antique store offers another haunting artifact.

The Devecheauxs take ownership of an unusual collection of statuary, but these heartbreaking tributes to the dead come with an unwanted attachment: a ghost that could potentially harm Chloe by teaching her dangerous things—like how to play with fire.

When Phoenix and Aggie detect the threat, they put their skills to the test to prove their theory that the ghost child isn’t merely that. They could be dealing with something far more dangerous.

Enjoy another haunting visit to Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things. You’re sure to find something that frightens you! A Watch of Weeping Angels is Book Three in this exciting series by authors M.L. Bullock and A.E. Chewning.

A Watch of Weeping Angels - Book III - Signed Copy

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