A Cup of Shadows - Signed copy

Henri and Detra Ann have poured their hearts into making their dream a reality--Devecheaux Antiques is open for business. But managing this kind of shop will require more than a business degree and a good eye for hard to find items. Haunted things have a nasty habit of making their way to this paranormal landmark. Trying to escape the shadows of the past, Detra Ann finds herself immersed in a paranormal investigation, but this time it’s different. She can't run from the supernatural. Detra Ann must take a stand and allow the dead to speak.

The Devecheauxs' new assistant, Mary Agnes Kelly--she prefers Aggie, is the one that’s hiding secrets. When a curious object in the shop goes missing, Aggie's abilities are exposed and she is thrust into a world of vengeance, murder and the afterlife. The college student will have to muster all her courage to face down the ghosts of Devecheaux Antiques--and her own demons.

Opening the door to the paranormal, Aggie comes face to face with a spirit close to Detra Ann’s heart, leading them both to reveal what happened in the past and help the unhappy ghost rest in peace.

Will Detra Ann and Aggie be able to expose the truth or will all be lost in the shadows of history?

Find out in A Cup of Shadows by authors M.L. Bullock and A.E. Chewning. A Cup of Shadows in Book One in their new series Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things. If you love Seven Sisters, Idlewood and Haunted Gracefield, you'll enjoy reading A Cup of Shadows.

A Cup of Shadows - Signed copy

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  • Signed copy of Cup of Shadows: Book One of Devecheaux Antiques and Haunted Things Series