Magnolia Magic -  Book I Magnolia Series - Signed copy

Shelley Stewart and her friends seem like your typical fortysomething moms, struggling with balancing life and maintaining their sanity. If not for their close-knit group, they would have lost it a long time ago. It’s hard trying to maintain the facade of the perfect PTA mom while hiding a somewhat dark secret.

Follow the women of Magnolia, Alabama, as they try to navigate the fabulous forties, family life, and keeping their secrets hidden from their small town. Especially after one of them does something that might expose everything, sending them on a quest to undo what she has done.

Will they be able to keep the secrets of the coven under wraps? Can they save themselves from losing the normal lives they have created in this small Southern town?

Find out in Magnolia Magic, Book One of the Magnolia Series.

Magnolia Magic - Book I Magnolia Series - Signed copy

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